WFTO – Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2008-11-27

WFTO back again

since my last report from 2008-10-17 we fixed 30 Falcon related bugs. Compared to our last WFTO from 2008-10-17 we have 10 new test.

Our latest failed/passed tests ratio is

  • 2.7% – 06/222 (this report)
  • 2.8% – 06/212 (last report)
  • 3.8% – 08/210 (report before last one)

WFTO 2008-11-27

News for this week:

  • Christopher Powers fixed
    • Bug#39696 Assertion in Table.cpp (dup->state == recDeleted) fails during falcon_chill_thaw
    • Bug#38541 Falcon RecordVersion::thaw assertion “”bytesRestored > 0 || data.record == NULL”
    • Bug#38567 Falcon crash in Record::getEncodedRecord at Record.cpp:743
    • Bug#38569 Falcon assertion in SRLUpdateIndex::thaw : type == srlUpdateIndex
    • Bug#39694 Crash in StorageTable::setRecord during falcon_chill_thaw test
    • Bug#39695 Crash in SRLUpdateRecords::thaw during falcon_chill_thaw test
    • Bug#39711 Running falcon_bug_34351_C shows increasing memory usage
    • Bug#40265 Falcon: Concurrent online DROP INDEX of the same key causes MySQL assertion
    • Bug#40651 Falcon: Record chill with data length == 0 corrupts serial log
    • Bug#40691 Falcon: Chill/thaw operations do not lock SerialLog::syncWrite
    • Bug#40690 Falcon: Deferred index thaw crashes in addNode()
  • Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz fixed
    • Bug#40700 aclocal warnings for missing cache-id’s
  • John H. Embretsen fixed
    • Bug#35503 falcon_bug_34351_C.test times out on Pushbuild
  • Kevin Lewis fixed
    • Bug#40112 Two falcon servers unable to agree on the result from a simple SELECT
    • Bug#40123 Falcon crash with falcon_serial_log_buffers=4000
    • Bug#40893 Falcon concurrent unlock can cause invalid fetches
  • Lars-Erik Bjørk fixed
    • Bug#39342 YEAR ‘=’ comparison fails when index is present
    • Bug#40130 Falcon date / time indexes broken
    • Bug#40158 Falcon assertion in StorageInterface::encodeRecord() line 2635 on CREATE TABLE
    • Bug#40614 Falcon datetime indexes can not handle 0000-00-00
  • Olav Sandstaa fixed
    • Bug#38739 Assert in Transaction::initialize during simple SELECT queries
    • Bug#39260 Falcon should detect that it has been compiled without support for C++ exception
    • Bug#39419 Falcon should not be compiled if compiler or options do not support exceptions
    • Bug#39912 Falcon can crash after hitting problems with the serial log
    • Bug#40390 Falcon does not get compiled on Solaris 10 on SPARC
  • Sergey Vojtovich fixed
    • Bug#36804 Falcon does not detect deleted tablespace files
    • Bug#39702 Unspecific error msg when using non-existent tablespace in partition definition
    • Bug#39708 Falcon: non-descriptive error message when creating a big key
  • Vladislav Vaintroub fixed
    • Bug#39789 Falcon recovery failure after several CREATE + DROP TABLESPACE
    • Bug#40302 error on tablespace creation is not handled cleanly

What about you?

We are interested in you! Where do you use Falcon? What do you do with Falcon? Are there any features you want to see in Falcon? You can test Falcon and get famous by providing valuable bug reports or even test cases for Falcon!


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