Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2008-04-25

This week we added six new tests to the Falcon test suite. We had six tests, which where labeled as big tests. Big test means here, that the runtime or the resource requirements of that test are higher than usual. As our internal test systems are running steady integration tests on a 24/7 basis, we have to make a trade off and limit the test resource requirements to get an acceptable test throughput. However, from time to time these big tests should be run. In the Falcon team we agreed on running these tests in our Weekly Falcon Test Overview (WFTO) cycles.

We also see that there are two tests, which are not failing anymore. We disabled two tests, which will not be fixed in any near future:

  • falcon_bug_22166.test Test for case-sensitive identifiers.
  • falcon_bug_22187.test Test for Foreign Key. Useless as long we don’t have a general FK support from MySQL server side. Please note that Falcon does support FK. It’s just that we at MySQL are working on a general FK support for all storage engines.

News for this week:

  • Jim Starkey made a change in commitNoUpdate related to Bug#34602 and Bug#36296. He worked on BLOB performance enhancement, online add column, and online native backup.
  • Kevin Lewis pushed his changes for syncPrior code.
  • Chris Powers worked on Bug#36269: Thread stalls during DBT2 run.
  • Vladislav Vaintroub worked on fixing various Falcon and MySQL related bugs.
  • Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz did test case reorganizations.

What about you?

We are interested in you! Where do you use Falcon? What do you do with Falcon? Are there any features you want to see in Falcon? You can test Falcon and get famous by providing valuable bug reports or even test cases for Falcon!


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