Monty Program Ab Istanbul2010: day two

Day two of our Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting Istanbul 2010 we joined together with SkySQL and enjoyed a talk by Facebook people Mark C. and Domas M. Check out the Istanbul Haber No. 2:

Check out the full PDF: 2010-10-09-newsletter

Click here for: Monty Program Ab Istanbul2010: day three

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Monty Program Ab Istanbul2010: day one

Our Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting Istanbul 2010 is over and the last MP employees are checking out of the hotel. Meanwhile I would like to share our daily newspaper with you. Daniel Bartholomew wrote our “Istanbul Haber”, where we shared what happened the day before and what the plan for the current day is. Check out the Istanbul Haber No. 1

Istanbul Haber 2010 Day One

Link to our PDF: MP Istanbul2010 Day One

Click here for: Monty Program Ab Istanbul2010: day two

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The Program of Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting in Istanbul 2010

I am just back from my scouting trip in Istanbul. I checked out our Hotel Tilia, tested various restaurants and drop-in places with My Widenius, ordered conference t-shirts from Hatice Gökçe, who organizes the Galata Fashion Festival in Istanbul twice a year in June and December, and finalized our dinner and excursion plans with Nezih Karagöz and Sami Yürekli from

We prepared our program for our company meeting from Thursday, October 7th until Tuesday, October 12th 2010. You can find our program here:

We will have talks by SkySQL, Facebook, Intel, Percona, and Codership.

The Program: Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting Istanbul 2o10

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İstanbul 2010 Monty Program Ab Firma Toplantısı ve Konferans

(English version) Herhalde bildiğiniz gibi, biz tamamen sanal şirketiz, yani ana merkez gibi bir şeyimiz yok. Hepimiz evinden çalışıyor ve biz sadece bir ya da iki kez yılda gerçek hayatta buluşuyorus. Bu sene kararımız İstanbul‘a düştü.  Firmadaki tek Türk ben olduğumdan dolayı toplantının organizesi bana düştü.

İlk adım olarak böyle bir toplantının özelikleri nedir ve en iyi şekilde nasıl hazır edilir diye araştırdım. Kaj Arnö bunun ayrıntılarını blog’unda açıklamış bile: How to arrange a physical meeting in a virtual organisation. Kaj ile İstanbul’a 2008’de gelmiştik ve çeşitli konferanslar vermiştik.

İlk toplantı tarihi ile ilgili bir anket yaptık ve İstanbul’daki toplantı Ekim ayına karar verdik. Tam olarak, Perşembe, 7 Ekim’den Salı, 12 Ekim 2010’a kadar.

Yaklaşık 30 kişilik toplantıyı düzenlemek pek bir basit görev değil, bu nedenle toplantıyı hazırlanmak için bana bir asistan tahsis edildi – oldukçada ünlü bir asistan  – My Widenius. My (okunuşu Mü) MySQL’ın My’sü ve ona bir e-posta adresinle ulaşabilisiniz.

Eğer Ekim’in başında İstanbul’da iseniz, sizi bizim toplantıya davet etmekten mutluluk duyarız. Üç toplantı günleri olacaktır: Cuma 8 Ekim, Cumartesi 9 Ekim ve Pazar 10 Ekim 2010. Toplantıların çoğu herkese açık olacaktır. Misafirlerimiz olarak Facebook, Percona ve Intel bizlen olucak.

Ayrıca yerel (İstanbul) kullanıcı grupları ve bizim toplantıya ilgilenlerini arıyoruz. Sizi İstanbul’da görmek üzere, …

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MariaDB 5.1.49 for Mac OS X

Stuttgart: a rainy day, waiting for Iftar. Good time for good news!

During my vacation I read about a request for a MariaDB package for Mac OS X  and did some research. Back from vacation I have an alpha version of MariaDB package for Mac OS X for  our community to test.

Caution: this is the first installer I ever wrote on a Mac, so use it on a test system only!

I would like you to test the installer and provide us with feedback.

Known issues in the MariaDB installer:

  • The Preferences Pane app for starting/stopping the server instance is missing
  • The installer for setting up MariaDB as a Startup Item is missing.

Side node: while digging into the Mac installer I found two
bugs in the MySQL Mac OS X installer.

You can grab the package from here:

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Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting in Istanbul 2010

(Türkçesi) As you might know, we are a completely virtual company and we only meet once or twice a year in real life. This year’s decision on where to meet is Istanbul. Being the only Turkish citizen born in Germany with Georgian ancestors in the company, I was asked to organize our meeting.

My first step was to look for excellence: Kaj Arnö’s blog post about How to arrange a physical meeting in a virtual organisation.

We first conducted an internal poll about the meeting date and decided on meeting in Istanbul in October. Specifically, from Thursday, October 7th until Tuesday, October 12th 2010.

Organizing a meeting for around 30 people is not a trivial task, therefore I got an assistant — a quite famous and popular one to be be frank — My Widenius joined me for preparing our meeting. My is the My in MySQL and she has a email address now.

If you will be in Istanbul at the beginning of October, please feel free to drop us a note and we will be happy to invite you to one of our meetings. We will have three meetings days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The majority of the meetings each day will be public. We already have guests in our queue from Facebook, Percona, and Intel.

We are also looking for local (Istanbul) user groups and individuals who have interest in meeting us.

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Released: MariaDB 5.1.42

It is out for you now: MariaDB 5.1.42

After more than one year of work we are proud to release our first stable version.
So far we had:

About MariaDB 5.1.42

MariaDB is kept up to date with the latest MySQL release from the same branch. MariaDB 5.1.42 is based on MySQL 5.1.42 and XtraDB 1.0.6-9.

In addition to the differences noted in previous release notes and changelogs, the main differences between MariaDB and MySQL are:

What are the differences between MariaDB and MySQL?

MariaDB 5.1 is based on MySQL 5.1 and is available under the terms of the GPL v2 license.

MariaDB will be kept up to date with the latest MySQL release from the same branch.

In most respects MariaDB will work exactly as MySQL: all commands, interfaces, libraries and APIs that exist in MySQL also exist in MariaDB.

Currently the main differences between MariaDB 5.1 and MySQL 5.1 are:

As with every release we have a Changelog and Release Notes, which you can find here:

Get the source and binaries here: MariaDB Downloads

We are currently building these packages for different platforms and OS:

  • Tarballs
    • Linux x86 32-bit
    • Linux x86 64-bit
    • Solaris i386
  • Debs for Debian and Ubuntu x86 32-bit and 64-bit

Now to you! Which other packages or platforms would you like to see?

What platform, OS, distribution and package type combination do you prefer to download, install, and run MariaDB?

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Deep Solution – Radio Show – Sunday 2010-01-17 – Hakan Küçükyılmaz

The Man with the Orange Towel aka. Hakan K.

* Shane Berry – Fillertet 2 – Trapez LTD 40
* Moritz von Oswald – Watamu Beach Rework – Desolat 003
* Matthias Meyer – Tout Va Bien – Liebe 023
* Spencer Parker – The Improvised Minotaur – REKIDS 030
* Ilario Alicante – Vacanciones En Chile – TNX 027
* Ralf Armani & Robytek- Sierra Leone – Starlight
* Neuroxyde – Yebo Yebo – Neuroxyde From Berlin Rework – Starlight
* Marco Carola – Bloody Cash – PLUS8104
* Planetary Assault Systems – Hold It – Deuce Remix – o-ton31
* Lemos – Nice & Clean – CEN009
* Michel Cleis – La Mezcla feat. Toto La Momposina – SR09812

Played at Freies Radio für Stuttgart, Sunday 2010-01-17, Electrosmog *132meter*

I started around 23:40. Thanks to all our listeners!

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MySQL 6.0.11 Alpha has been released!

We have a new Alpha release for MySQL 6.x

MySQL 6.0.9-alpha, a new version of the MySQL database system has been released. The main page for MySQL 6.0 release is at

MySQL 6.0 includes two new storage engines: the transactional Falcon engine, and the crash-safe Maria engine.

If you are new to the Falcon storage engine and need more information, please read the Falcon Evaluation Guide at

and the Falcon White Paper at

The Maria storage engine is a crash safe version of MyISAM. Maria supports all of the main functionality of the MyISAM engine, but includes recovery support (in the event of a system crash), full logging (including CREATE, DROP, RENAME and TRUNCATE operations), all MyISAM row formats and a new Maria specific row format. Maria is documented at

MySQL 6.0.11-alpha is available in source and binary form for a number of platforms from our download pages at

and mirror sites. Note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in time, so if you can’t find this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose another download site.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback, bug reports, bug fixes, and patches at

The following section lists important, incompatible and security changes since the previous version of MySQL 6.0. The full changelog, including many more fixes can be viewed online at

What about you?

We are interested in you! Where do you use MySQL 6.x? What do you do with MySQL 6.x? Are there any features you want to see in our MySQL 6.x series? You can test MySQL 6.x and get famous by providing valuable bug reports and feature requests!

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Deep Solution #2 @ Only Now – 2009-05-08, Playlist Hakan Küçükyılmaz

YouTube Playlist

* Speedy J – A Shocking Hobby – Manhasset
* Melody Boy 2000 – Theme – Dum 021

* Mr. James Barth – High Society – Hold Still – SK014
* Khan Feat. Julee Cruise – Say Goodbye (Remixes) – Say Goodbye (LoSoul “She’s Homeless” Mix) – Play059
* Villalobos – Alcachofa Remixes – Easy Lee (Soul Capsule Mix) – PLAY093
* Ffwd & Peter Schumann – Permanent Initio EP – Permanent Initio – CCCO 01
* Paul Kalkbrenner – Reworks 12”/3 – Miles Away (Mega-Remixed By Sascha Funke) – BPC 142
* Underworld – Rez
* Melchior Productions – Don Juan – PERL 65
* Lopazz – Migracion (Rmx By Ricardo & Luciano) – Migracion (Luciano’s Camaleon Rmx) – GPM 018
* Jeff Bennett – Isolation – Audioable – KungFu01
* Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald – ReComposed – Movement 8 (c2 Version) – Deutsche Grammophon 476 6938
* Loco Dice – Seeing Through Shadows – MINUS 41
* Melchior Productions Ltd – Who Can Find Me EP – Who Can Find Me (I Can’t) – Cadenza 29
* Avus – Approach With A Smile – MAN 018
* Agaric / Lawrence – Virke / Place To Be – Lawrence – Place to be – ld10

* Holden – A Break In The Clouds – A Break In The Clouds (Ambient Version) – 01BC

Enfants (Chants) + Maurizio 4.5 + Albertino – in the mix with Enfants running as base track
* Maurizio – M-4.5 – Untitled – M-4.5
* Ricardo Villalobos – Enfants – Enfants (Chants) – SED001
* Schneider, Galluzzi, Schirmacher – Albertino And Nora P – Albertino – CADENZA 23
* DJ Minx – A Walk In The Park (Remix) – A Walk In The Park (Wink’s Run Through The Park Interpretation) – MINUS26
* Baby Ford + Eon / Link – Dead Eye / Amenity – Dead Eye – PLUS8086
* Schatrax – Vintage Vinyl – Restless Nights – SCHAT VV02 – No 1146 of 1500
* Reboot – Assign The Source / We Funk – Assign The Source – MOTIV#1
* Various – min2MAX – Loco Dice – Orchidee – MINUS 40 LP
* Ante Perry vs Tube & Berger – Jay – KITT 0009
* Ernesto Ferreyra – Siluetas – Hunted – Cadenza 33
* Radio Slave – No Sleep Part Six – Koma Koma – REKIDS 036
* T.D. – Siboney – We Can Do It! 004
* Robert Dietz / Markus Fix – Shunsower / Bo Boston – Shunsower – CEN003
* Various – min2MAX Extension – Barem – Opal – MINUS 40 X
* Johnny D – Manipulation – Oslo 002
* Alex Under – Multiplicanciones2 – D Untitled – Apnea 007
* Alex Under – Multiplicanciones – B2 Untitled – Apnea 003
* Reboot – Sidekick EP – Vandong – BELOW 18
* SIS – Nesrib – CEC007-6
* Matt Star – Kühle Fliege Remixes – Kühle Fliege (Hugo Remix) – IF-9
* Hotel – Nguyen (T.D. Remix) – We Can Do It! 002
* Pantha Du Prince – Behind The Stars – Frozen Fog – dial 45

I played all records as Vinyl. Special thanks goes to following Record Stores:

* Vinyl Only – Heidelberg – Big thanks to Andy!
* Hard Wax – Berlin
* Record Express – Stuttgart
* Decks Records – Online Shop
* Levykauppa Äx – Helsinki
* Marketplace @


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