Monty Program Ab Istanbul2010: final day and excursion

The last day of our Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting Istanbul 2010 was on Monday, October 11th. 2010. We spent our last day with an excursion of Istanbul. The theme of the excursion day was:

  • Downtown and then really down, over the sea, up and a surprise, then crossing the gap, and a warm and relaxing final, …

The description of our excursion day was riddle like and many people asked me about the details. So, for the curious, here is a more in depth description:

Basilica Cistern

  • Over the sea: a Bosporus tour on a private boat crossing the Bosporus from the European to the Asian side.
  • Up and a surprise: up to the Çamlıca Hill, having a quiz about Istanbul and eating “raw meat patty” without knowing it.
  • Crossing the gap: back to the European side of Istanbul by crossing on of the two suspension bridges.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Check out our last Istanbul Haber:

Istanbul Haber: final issue

Check out the full PDF: 2010-10-12-newsletter

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