MariaDB 5.1.49 for Mac OS X

Stuttgart: a rainy day, waiting for Iftar. Good time for good news!

During my vacation I read about a request for a MariaDB package for Mac OS X  and did some research. Back from vacation I have an alpha version of MariaDB package for Mac OS X for  our community to test.

Caution: this is the first installer I ever wrote on a Mac, so use it on a test system only!

I would like you to test the installer and provide us with feedback.

Known issues in the MariaDB installer:

  • The Preferences Pane app for starting/stopping the server instance is missing
  • The installer for setting up MariaDB as a Startup Item is missing.

Side node: while digging into the Mac installer I found two
bugs in the MySQL Mac OS X installer.

You can grab the package from here:

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