Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting in Istanbul 2010

(Türkçesi) As you might know, we are a completely virtual company and we only meet once or twice a year in real life. This year’s decision on where to meet is Istanbul. Being the only Turkish citizen born in Germany with Georgian ancestors in the company, I was asked to organize our meeting.

My first step was to look for excellence: Kaj Arnö’s blog post about How to arrange a physical meeting in a virtual organisation.

We first conducted an internal poll about the meeting date and decided on meeting in Istanbul in October. Specifically, from Thursday, October 7th until Tuesday, October 12th 2010.

Organizing a meeting for around 30 people is not a trivial task, therefore I got an assistant — a quite famous and popular one to be be frank — My Widenius joined me for preparing our meeting. My is the My in MySQL and she has a email address now.

If you will be in Istanbul at the beginning of October, please feel free to drop us a note and we will be happy to invite you to one of our meetings. We will have three meetings days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The majority of the meetings each day will be public. We already have guests in our queue from Facebook, Percona, and Intel.

We are also looking for local (Istanbul) user groups and individuals who have interest in meeting us.

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