WFTO – Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2009-02-06

WFTO – recover or not?

Yes! This was again a bug fixing week. Vladislav Vaintroub fixed a lot of recovery related bugs and Kevin Lewis and Chris Powers took care about the new scavenger and backlogging.

Since my last report from 2009-01-30 we fixed around 9 Falcon related bugs. Compared to our last WFTO from 2009-01-30 we have 4 new tests.

The development of our failed/passed tests ratio over time looks like:

  • 2.51% – 6/239 (this report)
  • 1.69% – 4/237 (last report)
  • 1.69% – 4/236 (report before last one)

WFTO 2009-02-06

News for this week:

  • Christopher Powers fixed
    • Bug#36442 Falcon: crash during optimize table
    • Bug#40937 ASSERT(transaction->thawedRecords > 0) fails
    • Bug#42424 Serious performance degradation after new scavenger
    • Bug#42505 Falcon: Record backlogging not enabled by the Scavenger
    • Bug#42510 Falcon: Default memory parameters must be changed
  • Vladislav Vaintroub fixed
    • Bug#40946 assertion in PageInventoryPage::allocPage in recovery
    • Bug#42542 falcon_bug_28095 crashes in StorageHandler::dropTempTables
    • Bug#41227 Falcon: potential corruption of RecordLocatorPage on recovery
    • Bug#42227 Test falcon.falcon_bug_28095 fails sporadically on pushbuild

These are the three of the six failing test cases. I have to admit, that I cannot find the remaining three failures. Maybe we suffer from “Lost Update” or a “Phantom Read“?

  • falcon_bug_22169-big (new regression)
  • falcon_bug_30124-big
  • falcon_deadlock (a fix for this test failure is in review)

What about you?

We are interested in you! Where do you use Falcon? What do you do with Falcon? Are there any features you want to see in Falcon? You can test Falcon and get famous by providing valuable bug reports or even test cases for Falcon!


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