WFTO – Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2009-01-09

WFTO – start of 2009 edition

This is our first WFTO report for 2009. Our MySQL/Falcon team is mostly on vacation and therefore there was not that much activity in the last weeks. However, our team was very productive in fixing bugs.

Since my last report from 2008-12-26 we fixed around 11 Falcon related bugs. Compared to our last WFTO from 2008-12-26 we have 1 new test.

The development of our failed/passed tests ratio over time looks like:

  • 1.29% – 3/233 (this report)
  • 1.29% – 3/232 (last report)
  • 1.75% – 4/229 (report before last one)

WFTO - 2009-01-09

News for this week:

  • John H. Embretsen fixed
    • Bug#41877 falcon_bugs test fails if MySQL is compiled without ucs2 support
    • Bug#41916 Some falcon tests do not check that required character sets are supported
  • Kevin Lewis fixed
    • Bug#34893 falcon_bug_22207.test causes steady memory increase
    • Bug#36289 Running iuds6.tst leads to assertion in Falcon
    • Bug#36700 Running falcon_bug_28048 shows increasing memory usage and run time
    • Bug#39431 Falcon assertion (bitNumber >= 0) failed in Bitmap::setSafe
    • Bug#40342 Falcon; big idle spike when running sysbench with 50 million table size
    • Bug#41194 Falcon durability should occur earlier in the commit process.
    • Bug#41835 Falcon crash in Table::getSyncPrior
  • Sergey Vojtovich fixed
  • Vladislav Vaintroub fixed
    • Bug#41836 Falcon assertion assertion (state != None) failed at line 79 in file Sync.cpp

What about you?

We are interested in you! Where do you use Falcon? What do you do with Falcon? Are there any features you want to see in Falcon? You can test Falcon and get famous by providing valuable bug reports or even test cases for Falcon!


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