Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2008-09-26

WFTO is back in full effect – 2008-09-26

I had a  long summer holiday in August 2008 in Naples/Italy:

after that we had our yearly

This has also been a hot and long summer for our Falcon team and we made a great job by fixing around 58 bugs since my last report in June 2008.

We had quite a boost in our bug fixing rate after some new colleagues from Trondheim joined our Falcon team:

Back to our main topic: compared to our last WFTO in 2008-06-20 we have 6 new tests and 5 tests are not failing anymore. This means that we are at a failed/passed ratio of 4.8%. We are making a steady progress:

  • 4.8% – 10/209 (this report)
  • 7.5% – 15/198 (last report)
  • 8.9% – 17/190 (report before last one)

WFTO graph

News for these weeks:

  • Ann Harrison fixed
    • Bug#37343 Assertion in IndexNode::parseNode, ASSERT(key – (UCHAR*) indexNode < 14);
    • Bug#37344 Crash in IndexWalker::rebalanceDelete
    • Bug#37726 Falcon crash in WalkDeferred::getNext
  • Christopher Powers fixed
    • Bug#38043 Deadlock between server and falcon when executing concurrent ALTER + DML
    • Bug#38039 Assertion lockState == 0 failed in StorageTableShare::deleteTable SyncObject
    • Bug#38041 Bizarre errors when ALTER ADD/DROP KEY on Falcon tables
    • Bug#38044 Falcon crash in StorageTable::compareKey at StorageTable.cpp:412
    • Bug#38566 Falcon crash in RecordVersion::thaw at RecordVersion.cpp:421
    • Bug#39081 Falcon: segfault in StorageInterface::getDemographics()
    • Bug#39347 Falcon online add/drop unique index fails
    • Bug#39349 Falcon: Online drop index conflicts with other index operations
    • Bug#39350 Falcon: Releasing deferred indexes causes crash
    • Bug#39354 Falcon: Rename table corrupts index mapping
  • Jim Starkey fixed
    • Bug#34602 Falcon assertion in Transaction::commitNoUpdates line 364
    • Bug#36296 Falcon: commitNoUpdates is sleeping too often
  • Kelly Long fixed
    • Bug#37749 Falcon assertion at line 36 in file SectorBuffer.cpp
    • Bug#39296 LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE leads to crash in Bdb::mark()
  • Kevin Lewis fixed
    • Bug#37587 falcon_bug_33404.test hangs forever
    • Bug#39025 Falcon writes key pages to Serial Log in wrong order.
    • Bug#39321 Falcon deadlock between Table::retireRecords and Database::retireRecords
  • Lars-Erik Bjørk fixed
    • Bug#36620 Legacy leftovers in Falcon startup I/O
    • Bug#36825 falcon_index_chill_threshold and falcon_record_chill_threshold have values in MB
    • Bug#36990 Remove unsupported ‘create tablespace’ parameters and falcon_initial_allocation
    • Bug#36991 falcon_max_transaction_backlog has no effect
    • Bug#38304 Data contents becomes NULL if column name in Falcon table uses accented letters
    • Bug#38377 Options falcon_serial_log_dir does not have any effect
  • Olav Sandstaa fixed
    • Bug#35932 Falcon crashes in Transaction::commitNoUpdates for simple SELECT queries
    • Bug#36410 Falcon crashes on 64 concurrent threads
    • Bug#37622 Falcon does not compile on Solaris 9 on SPARC using Sun Studio compiler
    • Bug#37679 Falcon does not compile on OpenSolaris/Nevada using the Sun Studio compiler
    • Bug#38535 AMD64 support for Falcon
    • Bug#38556 Linking error when building Falcon as a shared library using Sun Studio compiler
    • Bug#38766 Falcon hangs during start-up if compiled for 64 bit SPARC
    • Bug#38891 falcon is not supported on sparc
    • Bug#39181 Build error in MemoryManager.h in Pushbuild on sol10-sparc-a-max
  • Sergey Vojtovich fixed
    • Bug#29211 Falcon: information_schema has a falcon_tables view
    • Bug#33575 Backup: crash on shutdown if Falcon table
    • Bug#34705 FALCON_TABLES shows wrong TABLE_NAME
    • Bug#34706 FALCON_TABLES shows wrong information on temporary tables
    • Bug#37668 No error message if tables are created in Falcon tablespaces with special names
  • Vladislav Vaintroub fixed
    • Bug#22165 ALTER crash if two interleaving transactions
    • Bug#35072 Falcon crash in RecoveryObjects::findRecoveryObject, line 103
    • Bug#35939 Drift in Falcon row count reported by SHOW TABLE STATUS
    • Bug#35991 Falcon assertion on TRUNCATE in Section::getSectionPage Section.cpp line 198
    • Bug#37725 Falcon: assertion in waitForTransaction “waitingFor was not NULL”
    • Bug#38186 falcon_bug_31295 fails on pushbuild
    • Bug#38519 Falcon causes massive test failures in embedded mode
    • Bug#38594 Falcon crash in MemMgr and Sync object during exit of mysqld
    • Bug#38743 falcon.falcon_tablespace_priv fails randomly on Windows
    • Bug#38746 Falcon does not build on linux with valgrind enabled
    • Bug#38770 Falcon disregards datadir option and creates files in the current directory
    • Bug#38843 Falcon does not start if datadir is located on home directory on Solaris
    • Bug#38933 Falcon crash in Transaction::hasRecords during concurrent DDL
    • Bug#38947 UPDATE threads in endless Table::fetchForUpdate loop = livelock
    • Bug#39024 Crash in DeferredIndex::detachTransaction
    • Bug#39098 Falcon sometimes reports ‘Invalid serial log directory path’
    • Bug#39138 Falcon total database deletion after CREATE + DROP TABLESPACE + recovery
    • Bug#39421 Uncaught exception EOF in Falcon recovery on Windows

What about you?

We are interested in you! Where do you use Falcon? What do you do with Falcon? Are there any features you want to see in Falcon? You can test Falcon and get famous by providing valuable bug reports or even test cases for Falcon!


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