Falcon Feature Preview available

We started a new category at MySQL Forge called Software preview to allow sneak peeks at products that are shown to the community before their official distribution.

You will find things like GIS functions and Online Backup there. The latest addition to the preview page is Falcon Feature Preview. Some time has passed since our last release of  Falcon in MySQL 6.0.3, which we released November, 16th 2007. Since that version was cloned off we fixed over 20 Bugs and added new features like:

  • Pool of Asynchronous I/O Threads
  • Direct I/O
  • Pool of Gopher Threads
  • A new Thread Scheduler

You can download binaries for Linux x86-64 and Windows 32-bit. You can also download the source to build MySQL 6.0.4 Feature Preview on your own. Check it out at:

Falcon Feature Preview

Please note that Falcon now builds on Mac/Intel, Solaris/x86, and FreeBSD as well.

As always your feedback on Falcon is highly welcome. Happy testing!

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