Developing and debugging MySQL with Eclipse/CDT on Linux and Mac OS X

I was always wondering whether developing MySQL with Eclipse/CDT will work or not. I tried to import our code base more than a year ago, but it did not worked out that well.

Eclipse/CDT got a lot better and I tried to import the MySQL code base again. To my positive surprise this time it worked.

You can try it for yourself: I wrote up a small howto covering installation, configuration, and basic debugging of MySQL with Eclipse/CDT at MySQL Forge.

You can find the document here: Eclipse/CDT on Linux and Mac OS X

I am looking forward to get your feedback. There are still some open points I would like to figure out:

  • How to ignore SCCS/ directories of Bitkeeper in “Project View” and for code lookup?
  • [UPDATE]: To ignore a directory, one has to use ant style wildcards. In case of ignoring all SCCS folders use **/SCCS/**.
  • How to generate Makefile without running full BUILD/compile-xyz script. Use BUILD/compile-xyz -c (notice the -c option). Thanks to Timour Katchaounov who figured this out.
  • Starting debug triggers a “make all” every time, which costs too much time. How to avoid “make all” if no files where changed?
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